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Partially Booked is curated for MODERN READERS seeking a range of LIT, LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS advice. We MOTIVATE readers to live their best life beyond the pages..

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Modern Day life is tough but it can be made easier. 
Enjoy those slow mornings & reading goals.

We don't stress at Partially Booked..


What We Do

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Reading Hacks, Book Reviews, Rec Lists - Everything!

It's not about a race when reading. We believe every book has a journey, as do you reading it. Our choices are carefully selected for those seeking beyond the wonders of thy self..

Make Modern Life Less Effort & Live Your Best One. 

We like to feel & look our best for those Booksta snaps. Empower your inner beauty by refreshing yourself before your busy week & enjoy a #SundaySwitchOff. 


Our ultimate goal is to create a unity among book readers who simply struggle with time to read. We help by providing #readinghacks & more via this blog. Every quarter, we announce a Book Club pick & discuss it among our socials.



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