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Hi, I'm Amy. 

Reluctant Influencer

Self-Care Obssessed

Quintessentially Chatty

UK Based Blogger

Reluctant Influencer

Partially Booked is designed to MOTIVATE & CURATE for the slow, modern readers.

This space was designed to help you live your best life achievable by all. It's an education for you to create a healthy, slow living lifestyle when the busy one gets too much without all the nonsense. 


Hi, I'm Amy!

Reading & Self-Care has always been my forte. Becoming a self-made blogger with many hobbies, that's hard work..

Consider me your new b*tch who will be recommending the next best book you'll ever read. I will be the queen to give out book recs 300p & under. Remember it.

These days, I am running high on a caffeine IV & motherhood working all hours of the night, attempting to be as successful as the Kardashians. I am literally trying to keep up with myself. Hello, Partially Booked. Society can be consuming, demanding & terrifying at times. I wanted to remind ALL that we are within our rights to have a slow morning. So let's grab that seventh coffee, slap on a face mask, ignore the housework & read a book. 

For Every Book You Buy, You Should Make The Time To Read it

- Karl Lagerfeld

Work With Me

Brand Partnerships 
& Social Collaborations

I am currently looking for brands & influencers close to my aesthetic to work with on my socials. The blog covers topics like Motherhood, Family, Career, Self-Care, Life + Style, Personal Development & Book Reviews.


Partially Booked serves as a community for those in search of a slowed down approach with no real commitment or pressures. All posts are uploaded with the intentions of interesting & informing items that I have personally consumed or become freaking obsessed with.

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Kind Words

"I really enjoyed doing it & would love to do it again in the future. The post you made was so so good. It had some fab recommendations on it!"

We collab'd with a group of Romance readers on Instagram.
There was a challenge Tinder themed called Date My Book. Each book had a profile like a profile where the community would engage their favourite Romance choices given.


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