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5 Healthy Reading Snacks

Updated: Jan 7

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[By: KrumbledFoodsLtd]

We were introduced to these by Glossybox in my April 2022 Subscription box. At first it was genuinely confusing to tell if it was a soap due to the way it is packaged & the fact that it came with a beauty box. After triple checking, it was like seeing gold. The curiosity struck to see what it tasted like & if it was going to match to the hype.

It was like sweetness melting in your mouth. The chocolate was so rich but light; you couldn't believe it was chocolate! It crumbles in rich, smooth lava consistency. It hits all the right spots on your taste buds. It was strange because an average chocolate bar taste lingers in your mouth for hours after but Beauty Bites were like lighter than air. You're almost questioning if you really ate chocolate but your stomach is telling you it's satisfied. Another way to indulge could be with fruit, like raspberry or strawberry, dipped in melted chocolate.

This snack would go well with something juicy to read. Most people like eating chocolate with a steamy romance, a heated argument is kicking off between characters or the character is going through the most depressing time in the world yet you need comfort.


It's funny because as a child in the Cinema there was more fascination with pick'n'mix or frozen slushie drinks in bubblegum flavour. Adults would buy popcorn always debating whether to try it sweet or salty. Now, this decision is a no brainer. We always opt for both,

You would never know this low calorie snack is 5,000 years old. It's quite a versatile snack that you can over or under dress, There are plain options like salt, sugar & butter. There are upgraded options like hard candied sweets (Laces, Haribo & Pencils ect) or low sugared syrups like Toffee or Maple Syrup. Alternatively, you can be healthy & opt for Cinnamon, Coconut or Savoury mixes.

3.Grazing Board

Every #bookstagram user uses a hard wood board or some sort of flat surface to place on their coffee, Try switching it up by using it as a #Saturdayvibes grazing tray. We're thinking soft cheeses, nuts, fried bread, meats like Salami & Prosciutto with some fruits circling the corners. This could be upgraded with your favourite alcoholic beverage or try making your own Cocktail!

Strawberry Spritz

You will need:

Ice with Chopped Strawberries Inside

Strawberry Syrup (alcoholic or not)


Clear Soda - like Sprite


Pour in a semi-thin layer of Strawberry Syrup to the bottom of the glass.

Place some ice cubes into the glass.

Pour over some Soda Water (Optional)

Lastly, pour the rest of the glass with Prosecco.

Garnish with a Strawberry on the side of the glass for presentation!

4.Chips & Dip

We're not talking about a pack of Doritos & a salsa dip. Now that we're thinking of heated Nachos, you should really do this on cheat days. The genius thing with dip is that you can use all natural ingredients especially if you're making humous, Tsatsiki or Sour Cream & Chive. Our favourite is Guacamole with puffed Lentil crisps, Cheese Toasties Fingers, Fried Bread or a selection of veg, There are so many variations that go with this dip. It's too good to share!

5.Protein Balls

This is the best snack if you're reading in between meals. The fascinating thing about this creation is how you can adapt it. There are ways of making these to suit your dietary needs but also require no cooking. Here are three suggestions we want you to try:

Peanut Butter Bites

Bounty Style Bites

Basic 5 Minute recipe

Further Inspiration

EatingHealthyToday (Instagram)



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