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73 Questions With Amy [#Booksta Edit]

Inspired by 73 Questions with Vogue starring various celebrities who answer random questions based on their life, @elliereadsinbed created & challenged the whole of Instagram to a #bookstagram version. I took it upon myself to answer these questions as the perfect way to #meetthebookstagrammer - PB x Vogue Edit. I hope you enjoy the interview - some were quite testing!

Tag along on the creative fun using the hashtag #73questionswithbookstagram

How old were you when you started to read?

I don't remember specifically an age but I'd guess quite young. I remember as early as primary school.

What do you remember being the first book you've read?

I remember picking up Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets as EVERYONE in my class was reading it.

What's your favourite genre?

Crime, Thrillers, Chasing the bad guy sort.

What book are you currently reading?

Nightcrawling. Also, for my Quarterly Book Club #pbbookclub Q1 choice - I'm A Little Life!

Planned tbr or mood reader?

Totally a mood reader thought I try to plan a few months of books but can pick them at random. I think this only since I started a bookstagram account.

How man books can/do you read at once?

Usually about three. I end up favouring one over them all so it looks like I read loads on my Insta but I'm actually just behind on reviewing them.

What's your favourite childhood book?

The Owl Who Is Afraid of The Dark! I loved Rahl Dahl books too - still do.

This year's reading goal?

12 which is basic but I get easily distracted with things in life. However, I'm having a baby so I'm being practical.

Classics or modern reads?

When I was 16, I would have said Classics. Now, I prefer the possibility of worlds & plots that the current century can take you. Plus, look at how we've progressed if you compared the two.

What book turned movie/show do you think is better than the book?

There's been a few. Fight Club, Jurassic Park, The Godfather (but I like the book too) or Bridget Jones's Diary, Holes!

All time favorite book quote?

To Be or Not To Be – I change it with everything like To Pee or Not To Pee!

How many books would you say you own?

I'm a minimal Book Keeper. Literally. My actual career is an Accounts Assistant so I always think these traits flow through my planning in reading. I only keep books that are signed, limited edition or really meant something to me at the time.

What do you like most about reading?

The way writers create worlds, bonds & teach lessons through their perspective which can change yours.

Would you rather only read the first or last page?

Last page. I've been guilty of this (last HP book) but as Emily Henry wrote, "Sometimes, even when you start with the last page and you think you know everything, a book finds a way to surprise you"

Same genre forever or only one book of each genre?

Same genre forever - if I get to choose it!

Read 100 this year but never read again or only read one book every year forever?

Obviously 100. Do you think I have time for that? I'm amazed how people do it!

An author you'd like to meet?

Elif Shafak. I heard an amazing podcast with Daisy Buchanan. Also, Melissa Brodder. She's such a character.

Book character you'd like to meet?

Evelyn Hugo

A deceased author you'd like to meet?

It would have to be someone super interesting. I'm not sure!

Did you ever call in sick to read all day?

No. I'm went to the library one afternoon when I was sick to get books to keep me company - sorry boss!

One book everyone should read before they die?

The Midnight Library – It makes you appreciate that your path was chosen for a reason so make the most of it

A popular book you skipped out on reading?

I can name a few. Theyre like #bookstareads & just didnt appeal to me. Sorrow & Bliss. Lessons In Chemistry.

Most overrated book?

It Ends With Us 😬

If you could - which one character would you save?

Snape – He was always a good guy!

E-books or physical?

Physical but I'm starting to use my kindle more, especially at night. Plus, I can highlight things & upload it to my goodreads page without hassle. So maybe e-book lol!

Do you read out loud?

No. I talk when working though.

Fiction or non-fiction?


Do you ever annotate books?

Yeah, a few times. Took me LONGER to read the book.

Do you write reviews?

Yes, on my blog (full reviews) & Instagram (micro reviews).

Longest you go without reading?

A few months, last year.

Favourite book trope?

Investigative, Powerful Thrillers – A character called Win comes to mind

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Not as much as I used to.

Ever been a part of a book club?

No. My own is my first!would you count booksta as one big one?

Do you check out books from the library? YES!

What book (series) should be turned into a movie/show?

Wild Series by K A Tucker

Are you good at guessing the plot?

Hit & Miss.

How long is your tbr?

Never ending.

A genre you dislike?

Manga, Erotica, a little historical fiction

What's more important: Writing or style/plot?

Plot. Always the plot.

What attracts you to a book Cover? Blurb?

Author, if know who they are. Popularity. Plot. Sometimes cover.

One classics book you've read?

Wuthering Heights. 1984.

How did you like it?

Wuthering Heights was my first book that made me emotional. 1984 made me enjoy the relationship of communication/culture related to the themes of the book - the society ect.

How many books do you read a month?

It honestly depends what's going on in my life at the time. I could easily read a book in a weekend, if there's nothing going on. If it's an average week, a book a week.

Do you think books are better or worse than they used to be?

Worse. I'm sorry. I feel like there are so many books on the same subjects - nothing has wowed me in a while.

Where do you discover new books?

Instagram. Sometimes I Google things for my blog then end up in random research & stumble across books.

A book you could always re-read?

I don't often re-read books but I always re-read HP & Twilight.

Display books in bookshelf or virtual library?


A book that made you cry?

I don't really cry with books. Call me heartless.

A book that made you scream out of anger?

Oh .. pass.

Your next read?

Mad Honey <