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Animal By Lisa Taddeo

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Joan exits New York City in search of a woman called Alice. The only person who can help her make sense of her past. She has spent a lifetime experience cruel acts by men where she later shapes her own life by becoming the predator.

Animal is a sensual, dark & heartbreaking masterpiece. The main character is a feminist antagonist who is unapologetically strong. Her experiences have sculpted this animal. Joan is sex-obsessed woman who is hungry for love and acceptance for men who can never love her back. For her, it's a game but for others she can be misunderstood. I honestly hate a love hate relationship with her. She was a caring, brave & courageous woman then other times were selfish or animalistic. Taddeo's writing techniques are exceptionally clear, descriptive and capturing. Scenes were quite brutal & sexually graphic but it was RAW. Readers are unlikely to feel unattached or distant until a point in the book because of her nature. Overall, I'm impressed but speechless.

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