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You're spoilt for choice as streaming services are booming right now with book adaptations, films & series. They haven't just specified to one genre but there is something for everyone that is binge worthy. Shameless for me to say, I've had major #netflixandchill vibes so I haven't done any reading lately!


Adapted by Netflix, based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, YOU got us all up at the front of our chair in the latest season (four). There is a strange likeness towards Joe, played by Penn Badgley, as he is comforting but mysterious in a charming way, Although, I keep saying 'XOXO' after every episode recap because Gossip Girl was totally addictive. I think it goes to say Badgley has a way of choosing productions that keeps the audience second guessing throughout. The cast for season four was quite impressive with more to offer than the conventional themes from previous series but I did miss his wife, Love, being in the series as the two blended together so well. If, like me, you haven't read the books, this point in the current season is pretty hard to guess the direction where it is going because at first we were guessing who was manipulating Joe but this still makes me think there is a twist that he will uncover.

Firefly Lane

There are two book series I'd like to start reading that co-inside with the televised versions & this is one of them. Firefly Lane, starring Katherine Heigl & Sarah Chalke, has two major stars as MCs that keeps you invested. There is not an episode where I don't feel emotionally invested towards the character's lives.. However, I have come to read up online that, like most series these days, do not follow the book so I am almost reluctant to follow the books at this stage. On the other hand, I am constantly enjoying Tally's storyline as she is one of the characters that is constantly developing in strength. It's got a nostaglic but strong friendship theme that makes you feel warm inside until some drama ends up hitting the screen.

Virgin River

This is my guilty pleasure to curl up in my cosy knits & a chilled glass of wine where I put my focus purely on the screen to catch up with the residents of the town. The book series is the other one to which I would like to read. Again, there is the risk of knowing what happens when you go to watch the series but I like the thrill of seeing how it plays out with the characters. I wish to start reading it over the course of 2023/2024 to see how the drama unfolds & who gets their happy endings, or not. I love how the town is set by a large river, Vancouver actually, where the aesthetics is rustic & humbling. For anyone looking for a little romance, family drama & a community based town then this series is perfect for you!

Daisy Jones & The Six

Now streaming on Amazon Prime, starring Riley Keough & Sam Cafflin, based on a book written by Taylor Jenkins-Reid but produced by Hello Sunshine, When you watch this series, you will be mesmerised by the sense of nostalgia from a bygone era known as the seventies, based in California, I would really like to see a book or a chapter in one of her books where Evelyn Hugo, Mick Riva & Daisy Jones are all either together or close by because TJR is known to bring worlds together. I read the book back in 2019, having forgotten the plot entirely, gave me a revival of excitement towards the book. The production of this series is very clever & close to the detail. Behind the scenes, each actor in the band had to learn how to play their instruments with professional guidance which has now made them every bookworms favourite fake band with an actual album. Check this out now!

The Last Kingdom

Let the viking obsession begin! The Last Kingdom, starring Alexander Dreymon, is a historical based fiction close to the historical facts. There are some brutally, graphic scenes throughout bringing authenticity to a life with the vikings. The series started out as an unsung hero into a strong MC leading his way into power at great costs. There are other spin-off shows now streaming with similar themes, story lines & journeys being totally loveable & exciting. They've been so much fun to watch throughout the winter making you want to soak in that Viking Vibe.

Queen's Gambit

Learning how to play chess is one of the things on my bucket list.

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