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Book Club Pick [Q1 2023]

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to Partially Booked's Quarterly Book Cub for those who are joining us for the first time. As a modern, slow paced book community, we like to feel paced whilst reading books we find intimidating - like this month's choice. There are months, like Winter, where we are bound to the rush of society rather than taking time out for ourselves. Some books will offer entertainment, self-help, educational or intriguing values. Some months will have more than one choice if the first book is deemed too short but if you read all of them, we're super proud of you! We'd love to hear from you on our socials & throughout the course in our group catch ups.

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Quarter One's choice has been on everyone's radar for a while but was mostly chosen through reputation. Don't be put off by its staggering 736 pages as we read this over three months. Timelines & chats are there to encourage you during those tissue grabbing moments! If you haven't guessed it already, read through the next few points for the grand reveal!

About The Book

Only a few novels will transcend into a timeless piece of literature or a blockbuster film. Few like Matilda, Life of Pi or Romeo & Juliette have won awards but still hold as much popularity as those doing well in the other industries. Lucky for us #bookworms, Hanya Yanagihara's A Little Life will be coming to the West End, Spring 2023. Without further delay, we are delighted to announce it as our first Book Club choice of the year in order to prepare you for the opening night on stage!

A Little Life was released in 2015 later being shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize (2015) & Baileys Prize for Women's Fiction (2016) but won the National Book Awards in 2015. Yanagihara's debut has sold millions of copies worldwide & still trends among the book community as one of the best books of all time.


Four graduates - Jude, JB, Willem & Malcolm - move to New York with no money, only motivated by friendship & wisdom. They aspire to make a career & life for themselves where they can influence some change through their careers among the city life or its people.

As life goes on, they become more successful but their relationships become deeper. Secrets become a burden. Their pride becomes too important to themselves. The relationships between each other are tested through events, values & sheer personality that questions the strength of their love for each other.

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About The Play

The Play will be running from April to June 2023 at the Harold Pinter Theatre, London, UK. The cast has a strong line-up like Bridgerton Star, Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton) & The Witcher: Blood Origin's Zac Wyatt.

There are some links regarding the cast in the 'Further Reading' section below. Tickets are impressively inexpensive, at the time of writing this, so be quick to book them before your chosen date becomes unavailable!

Get Tickets Here

Reviews & Critique

From what has been said on some reviews, there are some real tear-jerking moments that leaving you with a pure #bookhangover. Others commented words like "incredible" or "extraordinary" when describing it. Dua Lipa read the book over the course of the pandemic, joking that books doesn't make good sun blockers, but the book is amazing & life-changing. She recently stood as spokeswoman for Booker Prize Ceremony 2022, professing her love for novels & the power of reading. On Goodreads & Amazon, there are thousands of reviews to browse through so there is just so much praise & analysis on the book that makes it more intriguing to read. I'd be here for hours giving you snippets of reviews.

Further Reading

London Theatre | Meet The Cast

The Pink News | Dua Lipa's Review

Podcast World | Dua Lipa Interview

A review will be issued at the end of the quarter when the reading session is coming to a close*

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