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Trending Festive Books To Read

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We're all literally sitting & waiting for the calendar to strike 1st Dec so we can whip out EVERYTHING festive where we can perch & read for hours until Santa arrives!

It feels like it has been a decade since Halloween. Perhaps it's due to the first full year of being mobile since the pandemic. Personally, I think the nostalgia of Hallmark films, Christmas home decor & sequin dresses are back in fashion which I am totally ready for! This year, my aims were to stay away from the classic contemporary fictional book titles you see prop up on the IG feed every year - #ikyk what ones I'm talking about.

This list will keep being updated throughout Dec 2022*

The Haunting Season by a Collective of Authors

It's an anthology of spooky & beautiful ghost stories written by eight award winning authors. The front cover is absolutely beautiful!

The page count is just under 300 pages which is perfect for a quick afternoon read however you find yourself most comfortable at home. It can be picked up & put down in stages which is perfect for busy readers this season.

Each story brings a different setting depending on their style. There are stories ranging from Covent Garden Markets, an old classic haunted estate to the Yorkshire Moors.

The Winners by Fredrik Backman

After reading the first two books in the series this year, I was HOOKED! Beartown residents hold so much drama & emotion that you become fixated on their journey.

The final book in the series is based in a cold, hockey obsessed place called Beartown. There has been a rivalry against another town exploding the lives of the families who live within. The writing style of all the books in the series are all the same, easy to follow & emotive but not dragging.

The reviews are all outstanding & the hype is unbearable when the plots are so addictive so I HAD to pick this up!

The Penguin Book of Christmas Stories Another anthology of Christmas books but brought to you by a pinnacle publisher, penguin. These are all magical stories based around the world from London, Paris to outer space. It's like reading a book about mystical & typical things that could happen at Christmas, especially when the imagination gets going. Legends & Tales told by the finest of authors. but don't expect anything light-hearted.

The hardback copies are such a delight & the book is under £10 - Bargain!

A Scandinavian Christmas: Festive Tales for a Nordic Noel - Vintage Christmas Tales

Another anthology to bring with a little festive cheer! This one is quite exciting as it brings out your inner childhood imagination.

The book is a collective of tales written by the finest. It'll bring you a touch of warm, wild spirited tales perfect to read by the fire with hot chocolate. You know where you'll be finding me! From a dark woods filled with prophesies to toys coming alive & trolls causing trouble.

There are different types of anthologies now available. I saw some online based on Ukrainian & German Christmas Tales!

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