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Cleopatra and Frankenstein by Coco Mellors

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

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Painter, Cleo, meet cute Frank, an older successful man, in the elevator on New Year just before her student-visa is due to expire. He gives her the opportunity to stay in NY with the freedom to paint but their romance accelerates into an impulsive marriage.

Mellors writes an account of a married, modern couple who are surrounded by a loveable cast. As each chapter goes further into time, the characters grow up and grow older. We lastly encounter Cleo and Frank discovering the challenges of a marriage & mental illness.

Each connection to the married couple brings challenges or personal issues that many readers will find relatable. Morally translating to being blind to the inner lives of the people with whom we surround ourselves. There is a lack of support from both parties that can be prevented if things or people aren't so pretentious but i love how this is writtten in a boujee chic fashion.

Each chapter, scene, character or plot device was striking throughout. Mellors' writing is modern, sophisticated & thought-provoking where issues like addiction, trauma & misery are executed well within the characters. The book was an absolute delight to read - really refreshing.

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