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How To Practice Daily Gratitude

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A part of my daily routine is filling out my Six Minute A Day Journal. It focuses on the positive & progressive things in your life. Every morning, I struggle to think of three things I am grateful for that I haven't already written on the day before. Of course, I am very thankful for my life & those loved ones within. It brings me this overwhelming feeling because I am not taking the time to deeply think about things I might not have thought about writing.

The reason we don't accept gratitude well is our obsession to avoid harmful, negative things. People use Negative Bias against themselves as a way of learning to avoid negative experiences in the future. This makes me think if we are being negative about ourselves, which is quite a common thing then I guess the answer is that we are in desperate need of gratitude. We don't realise practising gratitude can help depression, anxiety & social support systems in our social circles.

Whilst I don't think I can improve my daily gratitude skills within a day, here are a few ways that have helped me through my six minutes a day of journalling...

Think Of The Joy

Make a list of everything that brings you joy. This can be simple things like walking your dog. It is a way on helping you become mindful about the positive experiences in your life. If you struggle with this list, you will actually find yourself doing things where you will then question if you think it brings you joy. It may also help you try to experience new things as a way of increasing the items on your list.

Be Honest With Yourself

If you're feeling stressed about something that is keeping you awake, this is something you shouldn't be including in your list of things that bring you joy. You may be laying awake thinking how you should be talking to your siblings more or should be visiting your elder family members or should put that laundry away. It is best to ignore all the things that should be in your life. Yes, you should be doing all of the above. However, you shouldn't be adding it to your grateful list because it's almost like you're telling your brain it's a chore so you don't feel happiest conducting these priorities keeping you up at night. You're forcing your brain to think about things you don't want to think about even if they subconsciously come up.

Explain Yourself

Now that you have written a substantial list, write a reason next to the point explaining why you are most grateful about it. For example: I am most grateful for the relationship with my partner BECAUSE he is most loyal, kind, forgiving & makes me feel special when I am at my most vulnerable.

By doing this, you're enhancing the inner power of confidence & willingness to do other activities you know you love doing. It serves as a warm protection blanket within your mind so you feel safe keeping out all the negative energy.

Plan Your Gratitude

Gratitude doesn't have to be things you already know you love doing. Draw out some goals or life plans of where you see your future self.

Personally, I'd like to make the blog more successful whilst learning how to look after myself more & be the best parent or partner to my family. I would also love an immaculate house with a pantry organised like Khloe Kardashian. Honestly, google it because it's #housegoals AF.

The best way to practise this form of gratitude would be to start with making a list of your goals. Then, write down things that you are already doing to achieve your goals. Lastly, write down a reason why you'd like to get to that point to remind yourself why you are doing this when the motivation is low. This way, you can pin reasons or affirmation reminders around your house to keep up momentum.

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