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New Year Energy Hacks

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Our energy levels are likely to take a hit after the holidays, & that's not meaning hiit. Instead, we are troubled with the mindset to start fresh for the NY even when our bodies are screaming to slow down.

Partially Booked wanted to remind you to take a step back & regain your energy before taking on the year like Kris Kardashian. This post is for sharing a few hacks on how to start the new year on the right path to a productive you.

Things that require zero energy:

Mediation Netflix & Chill

Watch the sunrise - if you're sober

Call a loved one

Practice deep breathing Listen to an album or podcast

Get some more sleep

Things you kind of can be bothered to do:

Make a healthy smoothie

Journaling - Books, Health, Diary Moments. It's all relative.

Walk round the block

Grab a beverage - Matcha, anyone?

Read a book

Practice Yoga/Stretch


Things to do with zero hangover:

Go for a run - the paths are all yours

Set goals or plans for the year

Go to lunch with family & friends

Meal prep for the first day back

Glam Up

Tidy your house

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