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Festive Films To Watch

Christmas is the best time of year. People are in a giving, cheerful attitude. The decorations look beautiful at night, especially when it snows. Films & songs are nostalgic to other memories of the time of year. As one of my traditions is to watch a film daily, here are a few festive films you would always find on my watch list...

  1. The Holiday (2006)

Many years ago, it became a tradition to watch the film on my birthday - which falls in Mid December - whilst drinking a bottle of prosecco & indulging on all things deliciously, naughty. Everything about this film just hits the spot but I'm not sure if this started as a tradition just because of Jude Law. The soundtrack is soft, warming & emotional that sucks you into the whole experience. It was much to my delight to learn you could rent the cottage on AirBnB for Christmas.

2. Elf (2003)

The things that makes me laugh in this film is the fact that Will Farrell is playing a small, childlike Elf & the reactions of people throughout the film when they see him running the streets of NY. They are genuinely entertained by the comedy being outputted by Farrell - it is all natural. Favreau's direction supports the actors, has uncomplicated in setting/casting/effects & morally festive. It's one of those films I've watched all year round for nostalgia!

3. You've got Mail (1998)

Controversially, this film isn't the most festive of them all. I guess you could add it to the list of other films that aren't really Christmas-y like Die Hard. In my opinion, anything with Christmas in it that is watched at the time of year is classed as a festive film but I love this time of year.

For bookworms, You've Got Mail is a classic festive film where the bookshop owner tries to save her small business against a corporate giant who she realises she's falling in love with it's owner. I find it a relevant film to today's times because we, today, are helping these small businesses to survive. Giants, like UK owned Waterstones, support local businesses or book buyers allowing them to review books but the most support is from sites like Book Depositary. Although it is a bitter sweet film, I can't help but feel festive.

4. Something From Tiffany's (2022)

Newly added to the watch list! Produced by Hello Sunshine, based on the actual book. I've decided this film was worthy of it's place on my watchlist. The baking elements of the main character reminded me of The Storyteller as they both liked to bake bread when thinking about something. This version of baking was filled with love, appreciation & positivity. Each actor in their roles played their character so well that it felt natural like the connection between characters were effortless. It was curated with every element of a typical festive film. The film was well produced & written that left a little spark of joy to it's viewers towards the end. I'm not just talking diamonds!

5. Last Christmas (2019)

If you're looking for a traditional English film with a little moral twist & a very well known actress from Game of Thrones, this is perfect. I watched this film a few years ago on a whim not knowing what to expect. It was co-written by Emma Thompson, grossing $123M. It has had some mixed reviews, probably because it's tone takes after a traditional Indie film rather than a film with two blockbuster stars featuring as main characters. The plot is a sad but sweet concept that holds some value & awareness. Critics have overlooked the concept of it's message. I'm not deeming it as the best film in the world but it's one that reminds you of the true meanings of Christmas like giving, helping & greed-less attitudes or values towards others.

I'd love to hear your top 5 - just comment below!

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