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Love + Fury / Paris Fury

Updated: Apr 27

#autobiography | #nonfiction | #celebritybooks

Kindle | 255p

Love + Fury Plot

An untold POV from the wife of an International Boxing Personality, Gypsy Queen Meets Gypsy King. Paris Fury takes us through her life story from growing up in the travellers community in Doncaster to meeting the love of her life with the secrets behind what keeps their marriage in tact. This book contains subjects like mental health, love, fame + addiction.

Partially Booked's Review

I've learned Paris is a fascinating woman when it comes to being the wife of an International Boxer with an entertaining personality in the ring. I've watched Fury in matches over the years, seen appearances of Paris, but have never really witnessed anything beyond. We never see the true light of Paris, ring side, because as she explains in her novel - the focus is winning.

Paris automatically feels like a winner who is very thankful for her life. We are educated about growing up within the travellers community where you have love + support from every person within. Although her family life has not been easy, as she explains prejudice comments + reputations from others about her or her family members, reflected as a strong minded, confident woman. Taking on the responsible role of looking after her sister, we learn this has grafted her as a nurturing mother we see on social media today.

The book was a pleasure to read. Paris is a beautiful, delightful + respectable woman who supports her family no matter the consequences. Personally, it has set a level of admiration from what I have previously witnessed on television so her true personality has come to light. She was honest + non-judgemental. Her awareness of OCD, Depression + Alcoholism has made all the dark matters in life seem easier to overcome if you have a persistence or faith. It was a pleasurable easy read!

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