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My Child & Other Mistakes by Ellie Taylor

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

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It had been some time since I last read a non-fiction book so stumbling across Ellie Taylor's autobiography sitting in front of me on the table at my local Waterstones was a surprise. I wasn't looking for anything in particular. There it laid on the side of the table. At the time of writing this, I am currently 32 weeks pregnant so the timing was perfect.

My Child & Other Mistakes Plot

Stand-up comic, broadcaster & actress Ellie Taylor relates to women how they can have it all. Her honest, hilarious & moving account of 'What To Expect When You're Not Expecting' relives trying couples of all the thoughts that comes with bringing a child into the world. Taylor writes about her own experience, exploring every nook & cranny from becoming a mother to being a mother. It is verbalised what impact it has had on her life before she became a mother in a humorous sketch.

Partially Booked's Review

My Child & Other Mistakes doesn't serve as a guide on how to parent, rather it is an account on Taylor's journey to how she became one. Her own account of becoming a parent is glazed over with humorous scenarios making any parent comforted at the thought of not being alone - especially when it comes to having a froobe stain all over your expensive couch. At the same time, it prepares those who are planning or becoming a parent in the near future without giving the 'obvious' advice. Taylor's funny, frank & genuine insights to the journey of motherhood makes this book more entertaining & comforting.

It was admiring to read of the upsetting realities to becoming a mother which Taylor very well projects awareness & sympathy around. She expresses Miscarriage & losses are common among women but claims to being thankful at her situation. Having friends who have needed comfort at much time, there is a line to suggest she cannot understand the pain which women go through but can offer some level of empathy at the courage it takes to get through it at such time, Personally, this touched a few heart strings making me feel motivated to raise awareness especially having experienced such harsh circumstances.

Taylor also acknowledges the mentality it takes to decide upon being a mother. She openly admits to having children in the family but has never felt the desire to become a mother during her younger years. It goes to show that most, if not all women, have experienced this feeling at some point in their life as a child often weighing down the cons of income, timing & readiness. The very big commitment often comes with added pressures to relationships but can often be 'the best thing to happen to you'. Women who are mothers now often feel a boost of confidence, clarity in life & a form of love they never thought they would experience. For Taylor, once everything came naturally (after falling pregnant) she wouldn't change anything for the world. The book simply puts all the words together, of becoming a mother and everything in between, with a little laughter.

My Child & Other Mistakes was a comforting but short read, A read I would recommend to all women preparing to become a mother, or are planning to. It gives women validation that happiness of becoming a mother can come in many forms, not just the birthing process but perhaps adoption or fostering. Taylor merely expresses how grateful she is to be able to have a healthy journey to motherhood pointing out both parents & singletons that she totally understands how they feel. It was a delight to read & I would recommend it to all women but mostly mothers-to-be like myself..

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