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Reading During Pregnancy

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Whilst writing this article, I have just struggled to write a review of Careering by Daisy Buchanan. It wasn't because I had read it weeks prior to writing it, more to the fact that my brain physically couldn't remember what I wanted to say about a book I loved at the time!

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I took it upon myself to research expecting #Bookstagram mums-to-be to see what life would be like once the baby had arrived. There were burning questions in my mind like being able to read a book again, making time for my hobbies & how to cope with reading whilst pregnant.


"So far, I haven't read anything since becoming pregnant. I've tried a few times, but after a few pages I get distracted and bored! Hopefully I will want to read further along my pregnancy, but as it stands I can't see it becoming a reality any time soon"

For many of us, we totally agree with Hannah! We are dealing with bouts of morning sickness, tiredness after long days & hours of nesting our nurseries for that perfect 'coming home moment'. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I could only just pick up a magazine for ten minutes before being whooshed with nausea or hunger.

Now, as I reach the third trimester, I can happily tell you that it gets easier. During the second trimester, I managed to read books over the weekend - some within 24 hours - after constantly being told to rest. I know that when the baby eventually comes, the chance to read a book in one sitting will reduce so limiting the amount of books you really wish to read beforehand is a vital tip!

  1. Go through your bookshelf to see what you are able to donate or sell. You will find your #booknook might get over-crammed with books that you have been meaning to clear out or ones you purchased knowing you will never read them. You may even find your taste will change after giving birth as you adapt to your new life being a parent.

  2. Limit yourself to buying books throughout the year after the baby is born. This is obvious as you're learning a lower wage, or nothing, but there will also be no time when getting household chores caught up with. As a busy book reader, you're officially in the #partiallybooked world!

  3. If you're a traditional book reader, with a physical book - duh, maybe find new ways of reading. There are some really useful apps like BorrowBox or Spotify which allow you to play free books. This would be good to play in the house whilst the baby is sleeping as you potter around in the kitchen folding washing.

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