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Your Summer Book Guide

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We're Running Up That Hill with Kate Bush (Stranger Things) & seeing more appearances of past time favourite books like Coho's It Ends With Us. Every year we are faced with the latest craze that is unavoidable online, even if you tried . The summer's most popular bookish highlight was produced by RBC founder, Reese Witherspoon called Where The Crawdads Sing.

As you're sunning it up on the beach (whether or not it's far away from home), we come to realise now is the time for easy going romances or books that we've been meaning to read for months! We've been working relentlessly for months to tie up those mid-year deadlines before recharging our batteries as the winter months make a debut. For us, the summer reading shows us what really creates an escapism in your world so we're here to help!

Book Lovers By Emily Henry

Henry had you at "hello" last summer with Beach Read & caught you again this year with her sparkling & witty release, Book Lovers. Inspired by the trend for #InternationalBookLoversDay the book was circling around as a must read of the summer. The main characters, Nora & Charlie, give you more sizzle than the scorching sun. Fans have not been disappointed by this summer romance.

In Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover

#TheKardashians viewers should have seen a sneaky glimpse of

Kendall Kardashian reading one of #bookstagram trending authors' Best Sellers of all time, #Coho. Not saying this book is popular because of her; no we have seen this book all over socials & it keeps coming at you. This year was the release of its sequel, It Starts With Us. T

he series stands alone to be the most heart-wrenching, touching but hopeful plots, It Ends With Us is about a love triangle between old & new loves where Lily begins to question love & what is most important to her in a relationship.

We've had this book on our #TBR since forever but you've all convinced us enough that this is the book to buy!

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

Beaches, Cocktails & Romance. This might make you think of a past heart break over the summer but imagine losing the love of your life! Emezi focuses on what it takes to find yourself again when dealing with grief. The book features deep trauma, friendship & forbidden love. This book is a must read for all women.

Seven Days In June by Tia Williams

One of Partially Booked's Top Books of 2022! This book was a steamy marvel. A story of two writers finding a second chance in love. One a mother, a career woman but also one in searching for love. When Shane steps into a book talk denying all knowledge of knowing Eva, it is like siding with your bestie on a breakup. You'll continuously battle with likes & dislikes of Shane as you're persuaded by the woes of Eva's feelings. We spend 7 Days In June with the couple realising love is not always lost.

Daisy Jones & The Six By Taylor Jenkins-Reid

Structured like an interview, we are following the life of a band - Daisy Jones & The Six. We are met with members battling sobriety, lead female singers & essence of Rock'n'Roll in the seventies. It has left readers guessing if this is Fiction or Non-Fiction which validates the level of authenticity TJR has to offer as a writer. If you're looking for a book to inspire you into 'dreaming big' & following your aspirations with some hardships along the way then this summer read is perfect for you.

The View Was Exhausting by Mikaella Clements & Onjuli Datta

We follow two superstars like #bennifer anticipating their every move romantically. Their romantic exchanges are all over the media & the paps are going wild for some inside info. Of course, Whit & Leo are all a sham. Whit suffered a brutal break-up & needs to control the narrative on her life - especially with this new film lined up.

All career focused gal, juggles the reality of being an international star dating a wealthy model. The couple don't realise that this ruse their playing is becoming more dangerous & everyone is watching.

Still Life by Sarah Winman

"This book will make you want to book a flight straight to Italy" warns @Luisareviews. From the Tuscan hills to the Piazzas in Florence, Still Life is about family, love beauty & fate. It's writing in the form of a conversation brings each character to life, making it impossible to not love them all.

Animal By Lisa Taddeo

Head along the coast to the sweltering deserts of California with Joan. She fled out of NYC after witnessing a man shooting himself in the face. Before, she was just having dinner with a married man (another one). Taddeo takes us along for the ride to Cali where she is on a quest.

The Inland Sea By Madeleine Watts

A bleaker journey into the ethereal breeziness of the Australian Coast suggested by @AliceSherrin. Watts builds an unforgettable world about adulthood and climate change whilst capturing what it means to be young & reckless.

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